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Christchurch Drain Camera Inspections, Excavation / Digger Hire and Waterblasting.

For any leaking or blocked pipes, burst water pipes and blocked waste - we provide a fast and professional service.  We work throughout the Christchurch region including Lyttelton and Kaiapoi and offers complete excavation, landscaping, and earthmoving services.

CDDL Services Provided

Blocked Drains

When we come out to try and try to unblock your line it could be due to a number of reasons. There may be a tree route invasion, damaged pipes, old pipes or ground movements. Our expert team will clear your drain as fast as possible but if it's something more serious we will let you know.

Dig Up's - Silt in the line

To clear the silt - we use our specialised equipment to dig up and expose the line, break it open, hydro jet, video, repair, backfill and tidy These jobs can take anywhere from half a day to 2 1/2 days. We may have up to two teams working on these depending on the size.

Non-Urgent Relay's and Repairs

We are starting to schedule work for non-urgent relay's and repairs and are happy to provide you with an estimate/quote. The best way to contact us for this sort of work is to use our contact form or give us a call.

Video + Report

If you think you have sewer damage the best thing to do is to have the line video'd so that we can determine the location and the cause of the blockage - The sooner the better when it comes to this, and once tree roots start to grow into the cracks the damage can spread further causing more expense. We will provide a copy of the video recording and an independent report detailing the damage for your needs.


We use high pressure waterblasters to remove concrete, clean driveways and buildings, clean metal structures.

About CDDL

CDDL Services Ltd is a locally Christchurch owned and operated company and we are committed to giving our customers expert service and superior property solutions. Our range of services includes unblocking drains, excavation and landscaping solutions for residential and commercial properties, fault location, leak detection and waterblasting! Our friendly qualified staff are only too happy to assist with your property maintenance. Give us a call now on 0800 GURGLE (0800 487 453)

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